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-Not easily to scratch -Insect proof, highly resistance
-Not slip by highly slice resistance
-Sound proof while walking
-Neat and fair price
-Easily to clean
-Customers can available various colors and designs
-Ready to lay and no need to polish.
-By using the AL2 O3 45g on the surface, can put the heavy cupboard and furniture on it and not     easily to scratch.
-Suitable for healthy
-These floors can lay on the dry smooth place.
-By using wearing layer 0.3mm (Wearing layer 0.07~0.7), can use at the public place.
-By coating the UV on the wear layer, these floors can use long lasting.
- To make full use of precious wood, in does not affect the surface decorative effect under the premise of reducing the cost of products, won the customer's favorite, reasonable structure, warping deformation is small, no crack, shrinkage, has good elasticity; Panel size is big, easy installation, good stability; Big circular arc tongue-and-groove, vision giving a person feel more real, and not easy to white, more clean, more noble position, adornment effect is good, and the luxury of real wood floor has the same effect on appearance. ...